The case for legal design / Angélica Flechas / Episode #68

By Service Design Show

While law might not be the most sexy thing for designers to think about they are an essential part for delivering great services. You might not realize it but almost every aspect in our daily live has a some legal aspect to it. And the legal side of things is now primarily handled by people graduating for law school rather than by designers. But there's no rule in the law stating that rules and regulations should be boring and not user centered. Having both a background in law and design Angelica Flechas is evangelising the discipline of #LegalDesign. A discipline that aims to make law more user friendly and accessible. In this episode we talk about what legal design actually looks like and discuss some interesting case studies. Have you been merging law and design in your work? Leave a comment and share your experience! ---------------------------------------- EPISODE GUIDE 03:10 - The first encounter with Service Design. 04:20 - What if every service designer could work with legal topics? 12:45 - Why don’t we trust lawyers? 22:55 - When will we have useful regulation? 33:00 - Big Question: Would you want to do legal design ---------------------------------------- LINKS FROM THE EPISODE Haptica ➜ Angelica on LinkedIn ➜ MORE EPISODES Enjoyed the show? Take a look at some of the other episodes. YOUTUBE Every episode of the Service Design Show is also available as via the official YouTube channel. FACEBOOK Check the Facebook page where you'll find more content and can discuss the episodes. INSTAGRAM Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of the Show. ---------------------------------------- [FREE COURSE] HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN Learn what it takes to get your clients, colleagues, managers, CEOs and even grandmas as excited about service design as you are!

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