Cody Beals Part I - Income Generation for a Pro Triathlete When Races are Cancelled

Business & Sports Discourse

Jul 2020

23 min 51 sec

After recording his first win as a professional triathlete in 2015, Cody Beals first realized you can actually make a living swimming, biking, and running around the world in spandex. In Part I of this interview, Jason and Cody take a deep dive into the finances of a pro triathlete and discuss how more money is made from sponsorships rather than from standing on the podium at the end of the race. With the race calendar essentially wiped out for 2020, Cody explains how he has built a balanced portfolio of sponsors whose financial incentives are less about winning and more about his personality. Although this has enabled him to survive financially without races, Cody is honest about the fact that he didn't sign up to be a social media influencer or a sales rep for sponsors...and he has some questions about how certain companies can make it through the pandemic. For an in depth analysis of Cody's year by year pro triathlete budget, please visit A list of Cody's sponsors' referenced in this show can be found at You can (and should) follow Cody at

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