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024 - Amy Morin - How to Turnaround Your Mental State

By Elliot Roe

In this episode, Amy Morin, a psychotherapist turned “accidental” author, reveals the struggles in her life that caused her to turnaround her mental state. Elliot and Amy discuss how, when you cut bad habits, your good habits become that much more effective. Listen in to hear a world-renowned author and speaker share what not to do to become mentally strong and live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Visit A-Game Advantage or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and learn more about your host, Elliot Roe.  Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:00 –Amy’s background and journey 01:40 – Amy was a therapist and interested in psychology; she realized that she needed mental strength in her own journey 02:07 – Her mother passed away suddenly; she began studying mental strength from a new perspective 02:30 – She wondered why some people got “stuck” when bad things happened while others could move on 02:50 - Her 26-year old husband died of a heart attack 3 years after her mother’s death; she had since learned strategies to cope 03:45 – Soon her father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer; she went into a bad mental state and wrote herself a letter to get herself out 04:20 – She published the letter online and it has been read 50 million times; an agent contacted her and told her she should write a book 04:40 – In 2013 she wrote that article, her first book came out in 2014 and was translated into 33 languages, and now she speaks 05:40 – When you cut bad habits, the good habits become that much more effective 06:58 – The most powerful habit to deal with grief 07:07 – Don’t give away your power; don’t let other people or situations take away your control of how you feel 07:42 – Decide to do what’s best for yourself despite others or their expectations 09:40 – How Amy’s techniques apply to business and other areas of life 10:05 – Social media opens the door for resentment and comparison 10:30 – How Amy’s techniques are applied 10:40 – They are applied gradually and some may apply more than others at different points in life 11:00 – Your mental strength is like muscle; you must keep working at it to make it stronger 11:30 – She’s honest and tells people that she still struggles with not doing certain things; it requires constant work and conscious effort 11:50 – She realized that her potential is greater than what she thought 10 years ago 12:50 – She never thought she could be a public speaker; but she decided it was ok to be scared as long as she did it anyway. Her TedTalk is currently at 9 million views. 13:45 – About her new book 13:50 – It released in January and is based on questions readers asked her after reading the first books 14:05 – Her book is specifically for women; it explains what it looks like to be a strong woman 15:10 – The difference between a man and a woman becoming strong 15:55 – Girls are raised seeing only powerful male figures but are told they can do anything; there’s a disconnect 16:15 – The book helps people understand their self-worth, where the ideas come from, and how to break through 16:30 – How women can break through the programming 16:36 – Raising awareness of stereotypes and stories from her childhood help show women their power 19:05 – Going from therapist to public speaker 19:12 – It’s the same strategy and skills but just used on a larger scale 20:30 – She shared her personal story while still a therapist and was worried how it would affect her career 21:38 – The impact of social media on mental strength 21:55 – It has become a way to escape feelings and get distracted; Instagram is bad for mental health and opens the door to comparison and feelings of lack 22:40 – Social media has become a replacement for face-to-face contact 23:00 – She uses social media for business but finds it important to unplug; studies show a boost in happiness if you don’t sleep with a smartphone in the bedroom 23:35 – Become more aware of what life is like without your phone 3 Key Points Mental strength is like physical strength – you’ve got to keep exercising it. When you cut bad habits, your good ones become more effective. Unplug regularly to experience more happiness and fulfillment. Contact/Resources Primed Mind – Elliot’s Mindset Coaching App Katherine Switzer – YouTube Video Amy Morin – Website 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – Book 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do – Book 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do – Book Credits Podcast Production by Podcastily

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