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MANNY KHOSHBIN: From Dumpster Diving To Commercial Real Estate Multi-Millionaire

By Sam Bakhtiar

Today my amazing friend for over 15 years, Manny Khoshbin joins me! Manny is really down to earth, and truly a humble man that lives an extraordinary life. He came from Iran with his family to the States when he was only 14 years old. As someone who went through the same experiences we relate together so well and have a great understanding of each other, but my favorite thing we relate on? CARS! Cars are my passion and if you're familiar with Manny Khoshbin, chances are you're in love with cars too! If you've never heard of his name just imagine this, not only is the size of this man’s exotic car collection out of this world, but he has cars that are One of One. You really won't see a garage more amazing than his. It's a serious jaw dropper, trust me. In today's podcast Manny takes us through his journey from living out of a car, to making his first million. Manny is no stranger to the hustle, ever since his first job he's been the #1 sales associate. Every position he ever held, he outworked the others. Some people are putting in 5 hours? Manny put in 10. He breaks down what he believes is the most important factor in sales: Genuine Intent. People can spot B.S a mile away, they know all the scams and sales pitches. When you come from a genuine stand point and want to offer the best deal to your customer, it's a complete game changer. Manny is what I would consider the head honcho of Commercial Real Estate. Don't be mislead, he had his own set backs and failed businesses, he just didn't let it stop him from moving forward and learning from it. If you're interested in hitting into the gold mine that is Commercial Real Estate, you NEED to listen to this podcast. Manny is giving you all the things you need to know and how to take steps toward finding the right gems. Learn it from the man himself! Find out how my amazing friend Manny Khoshbin went from a broke immigrant, to a Multi-Millionaire living a life you wouldn't even believe was possible! Much Love, Dr. Sam B P.S Have you ever seen Manny's car collection? If you could pick any one of those cars, which would you choose!? I struggle with that question all the time, they are so mind blowing his garage is a car fanatics wildest dream! Don't miss out on any amazing content, subscribe to my YouTube under Sam Bakhtiar! Until next time! ________________________________________ Thank you for watching this video, please share it and get the word out! What part of this video resonated with you the most? Comment below! SUBSCRIBE TO SAM'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👉 → → CONNECT WITH SAM BAKHTIAR ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM l ▶︎ FACEBOOK l ▶︎ TWITTER l ▶︎ WEBSITE | ▶︎ MY BOOK | ▶︎ ONE PERCENT NUTRITION | ▶︎ THE CAMP TC FRANCHISE | ▶︎ SPOTIFY | ▶︎ ITUNES | FOLLOW MANNY ON INSTAGRAM 👉 ________________________________________ 6:58 - I Used To Dumpster Dive 14:05 - I Set Myself To A Higher Standard 1(4:05-14:40) swipe/vid 14:55 - Why You Need To Put Full Effort Into Everything You Do 20:44 - Trust, But Verify 22:50 - The #1 Necessity For Sales 27:43 - Nothing is Ever Beneath You 34:33 - You Need To Be Willing To Take A Risk 1:03:04 - What To Look For In Commercial Real Estate 1:06:30 - You Can Do Anything With Nothing 1:07:15 - A Mentor ship For Real Estate

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