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What’s the Big Deal with STDs Anyway? Happy Hump Day Podcasts

By Jenelle Marie Pierce

Happy Hump Day, readers!!! It seems this Wednesday came up rather quickly. Nevertheless, today's topic should make for some interesting conversation! Edit: The STD Project had a bit of a technological meltdown Wednesday – hence, our publish date actually landing on a Friday (not hump day, but a jolly day of the week anyhow). Right now, it's just me running the show, so, when something goes awry, I'm left flailing for a day or two until I can figure out the glitch. This week was definitely one of those times. Thankfully, I determined the uploading issue I was having, so, I should be set to podcast all the live long day if I like from here on! What to Expect When You're Expecting…a Podcast These podcasts are short and sweet and will answer some of the common questions I receive online, issues which are more interesting spoken as opposed to written, interviews and more. If you have an idea for an upcoming podcast or a question you'd love to hear me answer, don't be shy. Today's Podcast Today's podcast is about 16 minutes in length and is a nice follow-up to last week's podcast about why I talk about having an STD. LISTEN in a new window ——>>>> What's the Big Deal with STDs Anyway? iTUNES ——>>>> Subscribe via iTunes ANDROID ——>>>> Subscribe via your Android GOOGLE PODCASTS ——>>>> Subscribe via Google Podcasts PODCHASER ——>>>> Subscribe via Podchaser STITCHER ——>>>> Subscribe via Stitcher TUNEIN ——>>>> Subscribe via TuneIn Next week, I'll be talking about The STD Project's new e-book, ‘The Relationship Survival Guide to Living with an STD.' Stay tuned! – – – – What did you think of today's podcast? Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming podcast? Or would you like to take part in an upcoming podcast interview/conversation via Skype or in person? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! More On This: * About The STD Project * Press Page * About the Admin * Other Podcasts * Would You Like to Share Your Story? *

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