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Episode 85 : Sarah Gailey on Fighting Fascism & Queering All the Genres

By The Imaginaries

This week, we talked with Sarah Gailey (of "American Hippo" and "Fisher of Bones" fame) about writing queer people back into history using genres (are they genres? What even are genres?) like alternate history and noir fantasy fiction and the various toolkits they provide. Not only was Sarah an absolute delight of a human being to spend an hour with, but they were also full of the kinds of thoughts that can open doors for authors looking to be the change they wish to see in the world of literature. What does it mean to write alternate history when *all* recorded history remains silent on the marginalization and erasure of queer people and people of color——among many others? How do we push back against static, reductive fascist takes on identity, when our identities——as young people coming of age, or as queer people, or more largely as human beings——are constantly evolving? Sarah Gailey helps us navigate these questions and many others in this week's episode. You can find out more about Sarah at, where you can also sign up for their twice-monthly newsletter. You can also find them on Twitter at @gaileyfrey. Their "American Hippo" duology (made up of the novellas "River of Teeth" and "Taste of Marrow") is available wherever good books are sold——and Sarah's debut full-length novel, "Taste of Marrow," hits bookstore shelves on June 4. You can and should also totally preorder it through your local indie bookstore or at It's a kickass noir fantasy featuring the kind of tortured sibling relationship that we can all relate to, even while it re-envisions those tropes which have made noir a hard place to land when looking for hope and faith in other peoople. Sarah Gailey breaks the concept of genre wide open, and invites us all to stand in the midst of the ruins and build a better, more welcoming space for readers and writers and creators alike. Like our content? Our website is, and you can drop us a line at or find us on Twitter at @imaginary_pod. You can listen to our episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and SoundCloud, as well as find all of our back episodes on YouTube once they have shuffled off these other earthly coils. If you would like to help support our work, you can give us a rating or review on whatever platform you use to listen to your podcasts, and if you would like to offset the costs associated with our podcast, you can support us financially at

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