#61. How to Start Your Own Podcast from Scratch: Content, Software & Gear

The FastForwardAmy Show

Jan 19

25 min 53 sec

Podcasting is an incredible way to connect with people and gain their trust before they commit to buying from you. And if you're considering starting a podcast, too, go for it! In today's episode, Amy shares a bunch of tips on how to start a podcast. She will take you through 4 pillars: content, planning, systems and software, and the right gear. After this episode, you'll know exactly what you need to do to create a podcast. It's easier than you think. Do you prefer reading? Head to www.fastforwardamy.com/61 for this episode's blog post. Download the free step-by-step guide, Start Your Podcast, at fastforwardamy.com/startyourpodcast.

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