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Episode 26 - Crypto Chris Walken @cryptochrisw

By InvestNoir

This was an awesome episode with the King of crypto mining, @cryptochrisw.  I learned a lot about different mining algorithms, how he chooses which coins he's interested in, spec mining, and a lot more.  Make sure you lookup the Hashrate OS and his company page on Twitter, If you like the show, please drop us a few coins.  Every little bit goes a long long way. BTC:  3KkzM21iQG3jayUnPaiAgDemhEL5QMUYCC LTC:  MDaQSj3TX3jLnGupf4927CEXRi1ywBgGPN DGB:  DF2sdYQqL4vFoZWG9HhZDw7QKayksgfD3F Nano:  xrb_37a5w9xahhtfgcmbxjdmzwd9eyrtu9naa6abf7iqyisjtzuhssix3s8bk5ht --- This episode is sponsored by · Talk Money With Mesh Lakhani Podcast: On The Talk Money with Mesh Lakhani podcast, Mesh will follow paper trails, chat with experts, and break down complex ideas to bring clarity to the mystical financial phenomena behind your finances. Support this podcast:

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