Building a home studio

Pod Almighty

Oct 21

36 min 32 sec

All podcasters dream of having the perfect home studio right? If money was no object, we'd probably all convert our garage into a sound-proofed, state of the art, super duper studio. Well, voiceover professional and content creator Chris Devon did JUST THAT. In this episode of Pod Almighty, Chris joins James and Ellie to tell us about the process of building his home studio, and what lessons the rest of us can take away. You'll learn things like: Why you want a room inside a room Rockwool rocks Don't let the door be your downfall! Sorry, but egg boxes DON'T work Everyone needs a Darren! What you can do to make ANY room in your house sound better Doing it in the back of your car is GREAT Do reflection filters / Isovox booths make a difference? Getting the right mic for your room Find out more about Sound Media at ( Find James at ( or ( Find Ellie at ( or on (Facebook) Check out Chris' awesome YouTube channel at ( and you can find the acoustic ventilation he mentioned in the episode at (

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