33. The Mother of All Mothers.

Cupcakes and Consciousness

May 2020

13 min 52 sec

Happy Mother’s Day! I gotta say that my emotion and energy was pretty raw yesterday doing this video. I wanted to recognize “THE Mother” of all Mothers on Mother’s Day. It’s like it was channeling through me with emotion that I never really felt before. I think this is what’s happening now. If you tune in, we can get new energies flowing. This talk is about “The Mother” of all mothers. Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the most loving nurturing, forgiving Mother of all. The Creatress of all life. We are in a collective transformation. We are healing. We are being called to go within. We have been separated from who we were meant to be for so long now. We have lost our way. We thought we would be found in the hustle. We thought happiness was being famous with likes on social media. We thought joy was in acquiring expensive things. We thought that is where we would find ourselves. We thought we could ignore our heart’s cries for help to open up. In that separation from our soul is where suffering happens. Ask yourself: Am I using certain beliefs to avoid my pain? Am I trusting and relinquishing my truths, my heart, my mind, my soul to others? What am I acquiescing to? What am I giving away. Once we truly...finally.....recognize we are responsible for our OWN life, only then we can say we have found our path and our power. Trust in life connected to LOVE and go back to our original plan. Living in ONE LOVE. #onelove #mothergaia #motherearth #mothersday #reset #inspirational

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