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Translating Business with Danny May from Lingmo International

By The Kim Barrett Show

Resource Links: Your Social Voice Website ( Become the Mogul of your industry ( Join our Mogul Mastermind ( Lingmo International Website (   Developments in the field of artificial intelligence may make some people squirm! Am I going to be replaced and be left jobless?!  Trusted by global companies such as zoom, IBM and wordpress, Lingmo International is a world class leading provider of AI translation services.  In this week’s episode with Danny May, we discuss the beginnings of Lingmo, a translation app, and how it aids global companies and individual translators in breaking language barriers.   Want to know more about game-changing software and applications? Tune in to this episode.  What we discussed in this episode: The background of Lingmo International [01:18] How does Lingmo affect language schools and translators? [03:17] The kickoff point for starting Lingmo [05:04] The financial and technical roots of Lingmo [07:23] Highs and lows of the startup business [09:50] How Danny’s team made it into the UN assembly [12:01] No one will know your amazing product if you don’t tell them [13:38] Asking opens more opportunities [15:33] Will AI take away jobs from people [18:21] How much equity to give away to investors [23:13]   About Guest Name Danny May is a global AI tech entrepreneur and industry speaker who founded Lingmo, a translation and transcription software startup. Without any IT or AI background, he taught himself what he needed to know to help the company grow with his partners. The idea for Lingmo came after an embarrassing encounter with a Chinese police officer while trying to communicate with a competitor’s translation app. Since then, Lingmo has partnered with global giants such as IBM and Zoom.  You can connect with Danny May through LinkedIn.   Thank you so much for listening! If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.   Connect with The Kim Barrett Show:  Subscribe on Youtube Follow Us on Facebook See for privacy information.

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