Psychic Powers & The Quest Around The World For Truth - Sukhavati

By Edric Subur

Sukhavati is a shamanic channeler, clairvoyant, tarot reader, and a supernaturally gifted human whose mission is to help you see your own beauty, your path, and your mission on Earth. Above it all, what really made me feature her as my first Podcast guest is her epic 5-year quest around the world in search of truth. Her adventure was filled with nothing but wild plots you see in movies - leaving her matrix as an architect to find for her spiritual guru in India, living with a naked community in Mexico, falling in love with a Shaman in Peru, isolating herself in a cave and co-existing with anarchists. In the end, she shared a deeply human story of how challenging it was to reintegrate back to society, reconciling her new identity with her parents and finding her place on this planet. Her journey was full of challenges, losing, finding, and reinventing herself multiple times in the process. Her unique story is definitely one that will leave you inspired with courage to venture into the unknown and to not settle for anything less that doesn’t make you feel alive. 1:08 Who’s Sukhavati? 5:48 Speaking Light Language - the language of the soul 10:35 Realizing psychic power as a child 13:24 Fitting in and losing faith in God 15:23 Leaving the matrix in search of truth 17:24 Finding Guru and what it means 23:46 Living with naked community in Mexico 31:52 Getting robbed and reading tarot on the street 35:32 Calling to Peru and falling in love with a shaman 42:11 Reintegrating back to old lives and reconciling new identity with parents 49:38 Living alone in a cave and questioning identity 53:06 Pivotal point with the final 300 Euros 56:31 Connect to a source, let it guide you to your truth 64:38 Takeaways and where to find Sukhavati -- Connect with Sukhavati:  Instagram: Website: Follow Beyond The Matrix: Follow me on Instagram:

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