Even ‘Famous’ Thyroid Doctors are Getting this Wrong!

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Sep 2019

23 min 49 sec

A patient came to my office with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism by a “famous thyroid doctor” who had written books on the subject. When I checked her lab results, even by a conservative measure, they could not be considered hypothyroid. Yet the patient was put on medication, making her more ill. In this episode, learn more about these clinical case study details—that appeared in the January edition of the Future of Functional Medicine Clinicians Review—and how practitioners can avoid making this harmful mistake. Also, learn which markers can be false positives in two of the most popular functional medicine stool tests. https://drruscio.com/?p=35103 The Future of Functional Medicine Review, Clinical Newsletter is available at https://drruscio.com/review Looking for more? Check out https://drruscio.com/resources

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