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Daniel Tolson

By Gavin Preston

‘No sales are possible without empathy – it’s about being able to understand the other person’ Daniel Tolson is Australia’s No 1  business consultant specialising in sales and emotional intelligence. His specialism, emotional intelligence, helps companies improve sales. Those with higher emotional intelligence are more successful in their roles and the evidence shows there is a good return on investment for companies running emotional investment programs. Listen in and hear about Daniels journey and the reasons why top companies are investing in emotional intelligence in this engaging episode. KEY TAKEAWAYS Emotional intelligence is a fluid intelligence that is about getting along with others and communication. Improving emotional intelligence You need to begin with self-awareness understanding the way you feel and do what you do. You have to understand your personality style to be able to develop your emotional intelligence. Desire– you have to understand what you want and have the burning desire to get that. Decision– when you make a decision you have to burn your mental bridges – refusing to go back to the way it was before. Determination– you have to have the determination to start and to keep going with things following through to the end. Discipline – you have to be willing to do what is hard. Most people who get what they want get very angry and use it in the right direction to propel them forward. If you want to make a change you have to move out of your comfort zone and change one habit at a time. Key pillars of emotional intelligence Self-awareness– why you think and feel the way you do understanding your strengths and weaknesses Self-regulation– being able to manage mental and emotional blockages. You have to learn to manage your emotions and thoughts so that you can continue to achieve. Motivation – people run out of motivation and the energy to reach their goals. You have to be motivated to keep going when people say no often repeatedly Empathy – the ability to read other’s emotional makeup. If you can’t do this it will result in conflict and you can’t have clients. Social regulation– this is the communication if you can’t get your message across people won’t buy from you.   BEST MOMENTS I’ve never met a successful person who doesn’t have goals or a failure that does’ ‘As humans, we are motivated both towards what we want (the carrot) and away from what we don’t (the stick)’ ‘We are very lazy as humans and always looking for an easier way to do something’   VALUABLE RESOURCES The Business Mastermind Podcast Daniel Tolson website     ABOUT THE HOST Gavin Preston Gavin is an inspirational Speaker, Business Strategist, Business Growth Mentor, Trainer and high-performance Coach.  He works with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and has a strong track record in creating creative strategies to accelerate the growth of their business. He has helped hundreds of SME business owners and leaders improve their performance and that of their business and a comparable number of executives and employees in blue-chip corporates over the last 20 years. Gavin’s energetic, insightful and yet down to earth and practical talks, workshops and coaching is in demand with high growth business between £250,000 and £30 million revenue and with multi-national organisations at all levels from Board to frontline Managers. He is an expert in Business Growth Strategies, Peak Performance Mindset, Persuasion & Engagement, Marketing, Productivity, Leadership Development, Team Development & Motivation, Leading Change, Stakeholder Management, Personal Effectiveness and Behavioural Change.   CONTACT METHOD Gavin Preston Website Gavin Preston LinkedIn Gavin Preston YouTube Gavin Preston Facebook Gavin Preston Twitter See for privacy information.

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