002: Mortgage Marketing Madness

By Maxwell

0:00- Intro & Marketing Background 3:30Mortgage & Digital Marketing- the customer journey is multi-faceted and typically involves digital touchpoints 6:20- figuring out where to focus your marketing efforts with minimal budget 8:30- understand your target customer and figure out where the best place to reach them is. social? Ad spending? Direct mail? 10:00- understand your marketing goals- ensure marketing goals align to larger operational goals 10:30- A/B testing for max efficiency and efficacy- don’t reinvent the wheel: change one variable at a time and experiment incrementally 12:30- small lenders vs big lenders: how to figure out your target audience 14:00- market the way you’d want to be marketed to- thinking about the customer journey from start to finish 17:15- the changing customer journey in a digital age- build trust and credibility long before the borrower even comes through the door 20:00- digital ads: how you can stand out 23:00- mortgage lenders and relationship-building 24:12- dual marketing strategies? Marketing to borrowers + marketing to realtors 25:00- mortgage websites and branding- borrower’s jump from realtor website to mortgage lender’s website can be jarring 28:30- in house marketing vs outsourced marketing 32:00- where to get brand inspo 36:00- common website mistakes- articulating your unique value prop as a lender 43:00- attracting referrals with your website 45:00- less is more with websites. Elegance is simple 47:00- branding psychology 48:15- improving your marketing when your resources are limited- making the most of freelancers and contract work 51:30- importance of consistency in branding and marketing 53:00- tapping into your inner ‘marketer’ 56:44- marketing as an individual loan officer; personal branding 1:03:00- closing remarks & takeaways 

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