[Bonus Episode] Radical Longevity with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

Ask The Health Expert

Sep 11

32 min 21 sec

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, the First Lady of Nutrition, has been a pioneer for over four decades in the health and wellness arena. With 36 books written, Dr. Gittleman has impacted the health of millions of people. Her latest game-changing book (her 37th!), Radical Longevity, offers a radical shift about how to upgrade your health and age amazingly. In this podcast, JJ Virgin talks with Dr. Gittleman about cultivating radical longevity. Among Dr. Gittleman’s many pearls of wisdom, you’ll learn why there’s no one diet for everyone, how to fight toxins, the mineral that’s contributing to Alzheimer’s, and the triple-whammy nutrient for blood sugar balance. Dr. Gittleman and JJ also talk about the go-to nutrient for skin problems like eczema, cross-training your diet for longevity, and why digesting protein becomes so critical as you get older. Plus, you won’t want to miss this super-simple, inexpensive hack that Dr. Gittleman swears by to get a great night’s sleep, even if you’ve been struggling for years. This tip is worth the price of admission alone. (Hint: You probably have this in your medicine cabinet.) You’ll want to grab a pen and take notes: Dr. Gittleman is a powerhouse of information! Get Dr. Gittleman’s FREE Guidebook: Are You A Copperhead? at annlouise.com/jjvirgin.

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