#02.01 | Daniel Harkavy – Leadership in turbulent times

By Daimler Truck AG

To kick off Season 2 of our 'Transportation Matters' podcast, Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum remotely connects with Daniel Harkavy, author, leadership expert and CEO of Building Champions, an executive coaching and management development company. The current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic challenges the daily lives of people around the globe. Most of the private and business life is transferred from public or work spaces into private homes while interaction with friends and colleagues is limited to remote options like video calls. Martin Daum and Daniel Harkavy discuss leadership in turbulent times, and how the current crisis impacts the role of leaders and leadership behavior. How can leaders navigate their people through difficult times in the best possible way? From emotionally adjusting to this new situation to concrete advice and takeaways, the two spin a highly relevant discussion in a time, when leadership is more crucial than ever. Enjoy!

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