Building a Rewards Platform

By Lijo Ittoop

About the speaker ( Jaya is the co-founder of Rewardz, Asia's leading HR Tech and digital rewards marketplace player and has been championing the Middle East business. Since their inception, they have worked with some of UAE's best employers - implementing their platforms at local and global levels. They have been recognized as HR Tech Provider of the Year (2018) and Best Corporate Wellness Partner of the Year (2017). Previous to that Jaya worked in the banking sector in organizations like Citibank In this episode is essentially a B2B service, how did she go about building the marketing strategy to acquire customers? Did it start as a program for employees and sales teams and grow onto becoming something more? How does it help create a deeper engagement? Considering that you have APAC and a Middle East presence, does the approach change as the type of customers is different? Do you have any advice for the startups in the B2B space on scaling their marketing activities?

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