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Fear Less University - Ep.9: Facing My Fear ft. Aida

By Lain Lee

Back in June of this year, I was invited to speak at an event about fear - not just how to help athletes outperform their fears but how to help parents and coaches better understand what their athletes are going through. While there, I made a new friend by the name of Aida. You’ll hear all about how we met in this episode, but just know that our encounter truly blessed my day and touched my heart! If I had to give Aida a title as an expert in some field, it would be observation, introspection, and forgiveness. She is a testament to what the power of forgiveness can do to your life, and how learning what truly matters in your world helps you focus your love and your pursuits. But even beyond that, she’s learned to better understand herself, which has helped her to better understand her fear. By doing so, she’s better able to lead her daughters by example, showing them how to outperform their fears on a daily basis. We talk about how it was only when Aida was tired of being a victim that she began exceeding the expectations of those who sought to put limitations on her life. We talk about drawing strength from adversity, and how she feels her gift is being a vessel that connects people, helping them find each other. And we talk about how getting to keep her daughters in her life is what inspires her to keep going every single day.

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