Ep.10: Is Leadership Important? How do you improve your leadership skills?

By Sean Si

As the CEO of Revultron Distributors, Robert defines a good leader as someone who can influence a group of people to a certain directive of the leader. Meaning if you can persuade people, then you’re technically already a good leader. He is also someone who continuously strives to grow just like how Robert looked to equip himself with knowledge and strategies to help him manage the business that his father left him with. Roberts growth journey is composed primarily of reading books, going to seminars, and listening to podcasts. He also expands his growth journey to his team members when given the chance. He explains that he usually gives them authority, help them establish authority over other team members. All of this through developing a relationship based on trust. He does not micromanage so as to let them develop their own leadership style. He also respects the learning curve of his team. Especially when it comes to learning from their mistakes. Robert does mentorship through evaluations of his team members actions. He coaches them after the fact.    His perspective on mistakes is similar to my own. In SEO Hacker, there are only two kinds of mistakes that I do not and will not tolerate. The first one being repeated mistakes. These are absurd. It means you either didn’t learn from the first time you made a mistake, or you didn’t count it as one. The second one is fatal mistakes. These are the ones that make you lose a client or wound a team member. Any other kind of mistake is allowed because it’s fine to experiment as it’s one of our core values.   You can say that giving authority basically means you’re allowing people to make mistakes in the spirit of getting better in the future. Aside from that, Robert gradually lets his leaders-in-training direct their own paths.  Another way to define a good leader is that they have a clear vision. Explaining the vision, and showing it in the goals and the efforts of the company. Use the momentum that you already have in order to push things harder. Robert is a leader that isn’t just about the results. He looks for client relationship developments and management. Because of this, he has a pre-call and post-call with his agents.  These pre- and post- calls happen solely to align everyone in their goals. During pre-call, the goals are reiterated, and during the post-call, the agents review what has happened with their clients. It ensures unity overall. It’s all about giving would-be leaders the opportunity to bloom and experiment on their own.   I want to reiterate the importance of having a clear, realistic vision. When a person loses his vision, they’ll go blind and thus, have a hard time navigating. The same goes for businesses. When they have no vision, they have nowhere to go. When they have muddied vision, it will be difficult to reach their destination. But when they have a vision that is clear and distinct, you’ll have an easier time achieving it.   Robert’s leadership has helped his company experienced a 34% growth in sales volume in a span of two years. That’s almost doubling the operations of his company in that same time. Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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