Michael Allio

By Caregiving.com

Michael Allio is the founder of The L4 Project. He also appeared on season 17 of the Bachelorette. In 2017, Michael's wife Laura was diagnosed with stage 2B triple negative breast cancer -- just seven months after welcoming their first and only son, James, to the world. On this episode of How We Got Here, Michael describes how he and Laura met and reflects on their life together before and after her diagnosis. He also talks about holding space for both hope and grief while caring for someone else and how caregivers are affected by toxic positivity. Michael and Chris discuss their decisions to share their experiences with caregiving and loss publicly. Michael explains how Laura's legacy lives on through The L4 Project and the ways his organization helps children living with cancer tell their stories. Find out how you can support The L4 Project. This season of How We Got Here is sponsored by Anthem.

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