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The MAD Podcast - Episode 1, The MAD World

By Emelie

ABOUT THE MAD PODCAST: Welcome to the MAD Podcast! - Journeys into Alternative Realities, with the MAD Time and Space machine. Conversations with people who are MAD to Make A Difference and crazy enough to think they can. Together, we explore how the seemingly impossible is possible. Share remarkable human stories behind courageous and innovative interventions that tackle the biggest societal challenges of our time. Mad and real conversations about inner and outer journeys. Seeking to infuse hope and inspire thoughts and actions to shape desired futures. ABOUT EPISODE 1, THE MAD WORLD: What is MAD and MADness, and Why do we need to go MAD? Tag along for a truly MAD journey, exploring the MAD world and its terrain; the environment in which the Time and Space machine discovers Alternative Realities. Throughout this endeavor, we’ll take a look behind the scenes of the MAD Community, Methodology and Philosophy, and the notion of Inner and Outer worlds. We’ll unpack how voids can be the birthplaces for innovation, and how MAD entrepreneurs are remarkable at crafting the next generation solutions embedded in Institutional Voids, creating Pockets of Peace - in areas often dominated by violence. Central themes for this voyage are how we believe it is the people who are mad enough to think they can change the world who actually do, and how we won’t solve today’s challenges with the same mindset that created them - even less so the challenges of tomorrow. We touch upon how the fact that universe wasn’t created for us to understand, that it is the very notion that things seems MAD, that indicates that we are actually on to something - and how all of this speaks of the need for a radical shift of paradigm. We finish of the expedition by playing with reality amplifiers (that have the potential to change our view of the world, ourselves, and our place in it), learning from the future, and how vulnerability and trust is key for any disruptive innovation and truly MAD approaches. Welcome on board! CREDITS TO: Fiona Hazell, for being my (Emelie Ekblad) MAD life companion, believing in me and my MAD ideas through all ups and downs of life - without her, I would never have released this Podcast Trap Viking with Joktrap for the incredible music in the intro and outro. These very tunes were created together with Musikka ( ) in a collaboration for World Indigenous Day 2018. It brings together three different artists: one Stockholm producer, one Seattle rapper & one Sami singer! More about them in coming episodes. Ider Ayoub; The artist who created the cover for The MAD Podcast; An enthusiastic person who aspires to make the best of everything he encounters: , and Myriam Amroun from Algeria who introduced us to each other. DELVE DEEPER: If you are looking to delve deeper into some of the science, theories and people we touch upon and speak about in this episode, check out: For a full overview of what MAD does, and its incredible MAD Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Activists. MIT: "The U Theory", with Otto Scharmer Harvard: Diane L. Moore and her work, referring to e.g. "Pockets of Peace" Harvard: Tarun Khanna and his work, referring to e.g. "Institutional Voids" "The Island of Knowledge", by physicist Marcelo Gleiser Harvard Business Review: "The Neuroscience of Trust", by Paul J. Zak, professor of economics, psychology, and management TED Talk: "The Power of Vulnerability", by Brené Brown, research professor who studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame.

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