Ep 009 Breath To Transform ~ Joshua Alexander

Therapeía Podcast with Indigo Melrose

Nov 2020

47 min 22 sec

DIVE INTO JOSHUA'S MIND...Our breath is an important anchor in life. It guides us and supports us through life’s experiences. The more conscious we are of our breath, the more we are able to consciously respond to our inner and outer world. In today’s episode we chat to Josh Alexander, a qualified breathing coach and breathwork practitioner, who has personally experienced the profound transformative effect breathwork has on the individual and collective psyche. We chat about:- What breathwork is, the origins of breathwork and the two main schools of breathwork ()- The difference between breathwork and the Wimm Hoff method ()- The concept of the inner healer and how it relates to breathwork ()- Josh’s journey with breathwork and how it transformed his life ()- How breathwork can open us up to the healing potential of the transpersonal realm ()- What the experience of attending a breathwork session is like and how to prepare for the experience ()- The importance of integration ()- The future of breathwork ()- The breathwork community in Australia ()- A daily practice to help connect in with the power of breath ()And so much more!Episode ResourcesThe Way of the Psychonaut Volume 1The Way of the Psychonaut Volume 2The Australian Breathwork AssociationCONTACT JOSHhttps://www.transitionbreath.com/about-breathworkM: 0439 070 392E: info@transitionbreath.com

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