Are we allowed to have sex in space? Feat. Dr Shawna Pandya, Yvette Gonzalez and Dr Alex Layendecker

Future of Sex

Sep 2020

29 min 50 sec

Future of Sex presents the first episode of its second season, Sex in Space where Bryony interviews three experts in space travel and sexuality. Our guests include an astrosexologist, Dr Alex Layendecker and two citizen scientists Dr Shawna Pandya and Yvette Gonzalez who discuss the possibilities around survival beyond our planet, space travel and the complications surrounding the age old question, is it possible to have sex in space and can we reproduce in low gravity environments? To learn more about this show, visit To keep up with all things Future of Sex, follow us on Twitter (@) futureofsexshow and Instagram (@) futureofsex

Guests - Dr. Shawna Pandya - Yvetta Gonzalez - Dr. Alex Layendecker

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