The Station Tapes | Lisa Marie Simmons

By 21 Soul

From homebase on the coast of Italy's beautiful Lake Garda, Simmons collaboratively leads two different ensembles - Hippie Tendencies and NoteSpeak - with keyboardist, arranger, and songwriter Marco Cremaschini. each ensemble is deeply but differently informed by Simmons' own struggles and triumphs. Simmons has a challenging past, surviving several troubled adoptions and foster homes, but she found solace and healing in music. Her new project with NoteSpeak explores the lane opened by The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, and Brian Jackson. The band carries the groove, with a touch of Jazz, and Simmons turns the craft to her own voice - that of an African American woman - with a bit of charm and a solid dose of direct confrontation. Stream or preorder NoteSpeak -

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