123 – "Death is Not the End"

By Sign on the Window

Sign on the Window isn't the Bob Dylan podcast you need, but it's definitely the one that you want! Each week we select a Dylan song at random, live with the song for a week (or two) and then get together to discuss. This week is unfortunate, no other way around that. We were wishing for it but "Death is Not the End." In this episode, which is mostly dunking on this song, we hit: Opening shots and Context (4:30) "Song" Itself (9:00) Does this song work? (27:00) Real Podcast and Playlist (30:00) Recommendations (40:00) Endings — Cow, Detective, Level, Firefighter, Sausage (52:30) As always, full show notes at our website. You can also follow along with our weekly real-time Spotify playlist – See That My Playlist is Kept Clean – or listen to our dedicated playlist for this episode – and join the conversation on the usual suspects: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. And if you're loving us, consider our Patreon. For as little as one dollar you get early access to every episode we do as soon as they're edited (and a dedicated feed just for you) and exclusive content that'll only ever be on Patreon. Thanks! Next episode: Tell me where it hurts, I'll tell you who to call

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