Nodes of Design#10: Design Systems by Luis Ouriach

By Tejj

Luis Ouriach - who is an expert in communicating ideas through visual design, words, and debate. Luis is a lead product designer at upgrade pack, and he is a co-host of Noise podcast and manages a design publication - 8Px on medium.  Luis and I had a great conversation on design systems- tokens, values, elements, and so on. Luis shared his practical experience in building and scaling design systems and how one can start from scratch. The whole talk is filled with so much value and insights for anyone who wants to understand design systems or build one for their teams.  Reading list:  Ellio Dahl’s Intro to the 8pt Grid system. A brilliant introduction to the atomic mindset, starting from our fundamental 8pt units – IBM’s Carbon design system, best holistic design system I’ve seen. And the design kits are available to download! – UXPin’s Adele is a compendium of design systems, and you can scroll through it all day Luis part blog series on migrating our designs from Sketch to Figma. It’s long, but it gives a great insight into how I tackled it all - – brilliant typography hierarchy tool Atomic Design by Brad Frost, forms the basis of our thinking in this discipline – If this episode helped you understand and learn something new, please share and be a part of the knowledge-sharing community #Spreadknowledge. This podcast aims to make design education accessible to all. Nodes of Design is a non-profit and self-sponsored initiative by Tejj.

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