DT 065: Meet the Women of Yoga with Ida Jo

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

We know the stories about the men from India who taught yoga. What is still missing, as is often the case with history, are the stories of the women. These women were yogis, strong women, circus performers, teachers and authors, yet they have been forgotten. If history had been written differently, they would be the ones we know and celebrate. Ida Jo is a yoga acharya. She is the co-author of the Ghosh Yoga Practice Manuals and has edited and published several historic yoga manuals from Kolkata, India. She works closely with Ghosh's Yoga College in Kolkata and teaches yoga internationally. Check out Episode 018 for Ida’s first appearance on Dharma Talk, where shared her dharma here for the first time. In this episode, you'll hear from Ida on: The mission of the Women of Yoga project, and how surprising discoveries in Kolkata, India have opened the doors to provocative questions underlying gender dynamics in yoga even today The Bengali circus strong-woman turned yoga therapist and the published women's yoga author/teacher, who were both forgotten in the annals of history 3 highlights and 3 open questions from her research thus far, and how you can help bring these stories to light What Ida has learned about herself through her deep dive into the Women of Yoga Project, and how curiosity has evolved into activism Announcements: Join me for upcoming workshops in NYC; Austin, TX; and Bucerias, Mexico: henrywins.com/events Apply for the 300-hour YTT at Lighthouse Yoga School. Use code HENRYWINS for $100 OFF your tuition: henrywins.com/events Links from this episode: Back the Women of Yoga Kickstarter — Pledge funding to support research into the untold stories of Bengal's women of yoga and physical culture, and get special rewards for your contribution Get in touch with Ida: GhoshYoga.org — Learn more about Ida Jo and Scott Lamps's trainings, research, and books, and read their blog Follow @ghoshyoga on Instagram

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