Quikcord - Matt Fioretti & Matt Adams

By Diego Torres-Palma, Nick Conrad, Natalya Cappellini

Diego interviews Matt Fioretti & Matt Adams, Founders of Quikcord.  Adams, who spent over 8 years in the US Marine Corps, learned that the US military needed a better solution for paracord. After partnering with Fioretti, Quikcord was born. This military inspired product is built for military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, extreme sport athletes, boaters, and handymen all across the globe. Rugged, lightweight, compact, and made in the USA, Quikcord is versatile in that it stores, cuts, and dispenses paracord tangle-free every time. It also comes with a built-in emergency nighttime signaling device, which can also be used as a temporary flashlight.  Follow Quikcord on Instagram: @QuikCord Head over to: QuikCord Website for a full look at their product

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