Managing People – What You Should Know – The Good Manager – Ralph Peterson

By Jay Izso

Everyone wants to be a manager.  They have this erroneous belief that when you become a manager that you have extra benefits and your work is less.  DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!  There is a reason why there are so many managing jobs out there.  One is because in a very short time people realize that the work and responsibility is more.  Two, they realize they are over their head and it's hard.  But the biggest reason is because when people get a management position they really do not have the skills and know-how when it comes to managing people.  Most people when they get into management think they will have the open door, golden rule policies.  You know the "do unto others", "I don't expect you to do anything I wouldn't do", "pick and choose your battles" etc.  But the reality is those policies never work and managers fail despite their good intentions.  Thankfully in this episode of A New Direction Management Trainer, Guru, and friend of the show Ralph Peterson sets us straight. Ralph's latest book entitled, "The Good Manager: Being Great is Overrated" is on eye opening look at what it takes to be a "Good Manager".  Why "good" and not "great" well as he points out using his analogy of the "Rocky" movie series, when we get great we get complacent and we stop doing the things that we did to be great.  The truth is you just need to be really good when it comes to managing which means that you have to be consistent and do the hard work that got you to a managing position and continue to do it.  "The Good Manager" has a wealth of awesome advice when it comes to managing people.  I promise you this many of the things Ralph is going to talk about in the book will shock you, surprise you, but when you start to put it all in perspective, you realize one be "The Good Manager" it may be simple, but it  is not that easy.  Oh and one other thing...Never be evil!  You are going to love Ralph Peterson! We are so grateful for the financial support of the sponsors of A New Direction.    Please go to their websites and thank them.  Even going to their social media pages and giving them a LIKE! EPIC Physical Therapy is the choice of professional athletes as well as people who have been injure or recovering from surgery.  Listen even if you just want to move and feel better they can help with that too.  They have the latest equipment and technology, but perhaps their greatest asset is their people.  They have the certified staff that will design a customized treatment plan specifically for YOU.  They understand that therapy is more than physical, it is also a mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery as well.  Look if you want EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results start with EPIC Physical Therapy – www.EPIC Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, their clients say that their customer service is “legendary” and the reason for that is because for 35 years they build and maintain personal relationships with their clients.  Why?  Because buying and selling of a house is a great deal more than a business transaction, it is a life altering experience.  That’s because we don’t just live in a home, some of our most significant memories will be made in that home.  Linda and her team are dedicated to taking care of your memory maker as if it were their own.  Whether you are about to purchase a new home, or sell your current home, start with the relationship legends.  Start with Linda Craft & Team, Realtors –

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