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42. How to make Disney healthy with Dayne Phillips

By a Natural Shift

Growing up, Danye was an athlete and heavily involved in sports. After joining the Air Force she realized that she loved health and fitness and decided to pursue a career in this area. Danye decided to join her love of Disney parks and nutrition and come up with a plan for how to stay "on track” while vacationing. If you are looking to upgrade your fitness and health, Danye suggests that you surround yourself with someone that already has the knowledge to help you get to where you want to be. Writing out goals is the best way to achieve them! Try to meet with a person that has the knowledge and enlist their help in setting your goals! Danye encourages people that are wanting to get fit and healthy to start slowly. Start with one change at a time and then add on to that, otherwise he or she can easily get burned out. Danye hosts 2 podcasts (linked below)! Her first podcast empowers people to navigate the fitness and food aspects of life. Knowing your body’s needs is super important.  Danye’s podcast encourages others to try new things. The other podcast that Danye hosts is all about navigating Disney in a healthy manner. Danye has also written a book on how to eat healthy and maintain your goals while at Disney. The book encourages Disney goers to plan ahead and hold yourself accountable.   For Danye, "taking the upgrade" means listening to her gut and body. The most pivotal upgrade that Danye has ever taken was the decision to join the Air Force and then ultimately leaving the Air Force. One thing that Danye wishes that everyone knew is that if they asked questions they would get further in life.  No matter the area of life, we will learn more if we ask more. Danye starts her day off every day with a big glass of water, and she ends her day by getting ready for bed at 8pm and getting in the bed by 9pm. Some snacks that Danye loves to take while she traveling is freeze dried fruit and also fresh fruit. For the snacks that maybe aren’t such healthy options, she suggests putting them in the very back of the car where you can’t reach them. Smart Sweets are a great  option if you love gummies! To check out Danye’s book click here.   You can reach Danye at Facebook: Instagram:   Website: Fitness Empowerment Podcast Healthy Disney Podcast   Connect with us→ via social media: Facebook: Instagram: Follow Julie--> Follow Kari-->   On the web:   Check out our FREE goodies for you! ebooks: Printables:   Links to listen: 👉🏻itunes:   👉🏻spotify: 👉🏻google play: 👉🏻stitcher:                   

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