5: Find Your "Brave", Use Stories as Evidence

Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Jan 2018

39 min

Kimberly Davis is a brave leader not because she's unafraid, but because she steps forward despite the fear that could hold her back, and she's teaching others to lead with Brave in mind. You were likely pretty brave as a child, I know most children start out ready to jump into an adventure, sing on a stage, and climb anything - with our without shoes. But what happens to us as we move into the higher grades? Why do we lose our sense of adventure, our sense of self, our self confidence? Whatever the reasons, we must find our Brave again if we want to be happy, successful (however we choose to define it), and role models for the people around us. We have to be real for ourselves, we must bring our whole selves to every environment in order to lead authentically.

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