Sandy Powell

By Alyson Walsh

After a longer than intended hiatus (it was meant to be a 'slow' podcast, but not this slow...), the That's Not My Age podcast is back with a magnificent guest. One of my Style Heroines, the Academy-Award-Winning costume designer Sandy Powell. With three Oscars on her South London mantlepiece, for: Shakespeare in Love (1999), The Aviator (2005) and The Young Victoria (2010), Powell's creative talent is undoubtable. Beginning in 1992 with a nomination for Orlando, directed by Sally Potter and starring Tilda Swinton, she has been nominated for 15 Academy Awards and 16 Baftas. The 60-year-old costume designer has worked on over 40 films including five Martin Scorsese flicks, probably because, ‘Scorsese is a shoe man. He always gets in a good shot of the shoes.’ As well as behind the scenes on iconic fashion movies such as Todd Haynes'  Far From Heaven, Velvet Goldmine and Carol; and The Favourite by Yorgos Latimos (Olivia Coleman won an Oscar for her performance as Queen Anne).In this special episode we chat about her philanthropic work, her exciting career, sustainability and how Sandy feels about ageing. Producer and audio engineer: Linda Ara-TebaldiHost: Alyson WalshGuest: Sandy PowellMusic: David SchweitzerArtwork: Ayumi TakahashiCoordinator: Helen Johnson

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