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Episode 084 -- Control the Lights and 9 Ways to Get More Speaking Time

By Bill Monroe

2-Minute Tip: Control the Lights   An important part of room setup is the lighting. You want folks to see you and any visual aids you are using without straining them selves so lighting matters. What does good lighting look like? Well, it depends.    If you are using a data projector, you likely need to minimize sunlight and dim the lights near the screen while keeping the rest of the room well lit.   In an auditorium, you may get better results dimming the lights above the audience to focus on the stage.   If you ask your audience to do something during your presentation, you may need to bring the lights up for that activity and dim them again when it's time for you to be the focus again.   While the details will vary, the important thing is for you to make deliberate decisions about the lights during your talk to make sure they support your goals.     Post Tip Discussion: 9 Ways to Get more Speaking Time   The best way to become a better speaker is to speak more. But you don't have to just wait for opportunities to come along. You can take proactive steps to make more opportunities. Here are 9 Ways to Get More Speaking Time   Class Projects If you are in a training program or a class that has group projects, volunteer to be the group spokesperson. Others may be relieved to not have to do it.   Church If you attend a house or space of worship, consider volunteering to do readings, run discussion groups, or participate in other speaking related tasks. Ask the appropriate leader what opportunities there might be.   Ask Your Boss If you'd like to speak more at work, let your boss know. There may be opportunities they would be happy to give you, but they can't accommodate your desire to speak more if they don't know about your desire to speak more.   Toastmasters Toastmasters clubs are popular around the world as a forum where professionals can go to improve their public speaking skills.    Volunteer Groups Look for groups in your community that you can support. There may be chances to volunteer there, support a mission you care about, and get some speaking time in the process.   Community Theater Joining a local theater program will help you grow your acting skills and get you on the stage in front of an audience. The skills aren't exactly the same as those in public speaking, but they can certainly add more depth and flavor to your speaking skills. Plus, stage time is still stage time.   Facebook Live This is a great tool to easily start speaking to the world about things you care about. You can use your PC or phone. You are probably listening to this episode on a live, international, broadcasting tool. It's easy to start and the videos are easy to share and review so you can continue to get better. You'll find the Facebook Live videos that I've done here.   Podcasts Start a podcast and you have another speaking channel under your control. If you don't want to do the work of running your own show, look for opportunities to be a guest on shows you enjoy and reach out to the producers.   Build Your Own Stage You don't have to wait for someone to give you a stage. Go ahead and build your own. Start your own event. The technology and reach of social media makes it possible in ways unimaginable 20 years ago. Back in Episode 077, I talked with Patricia Missakian who wanted to speak in Brazil, so she created her own event there from the US and flew down when it was time.     Call To Action   Share this episode with a friend, colleague, or relative by giving them this link: Control the lighting at your next event Seek out more opportunities to speak Don't get best...get better          

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