023 :: #BTS of My $54k CASH Month

The Tabwoo™

Jun 2019

40 min 33 sec

Inside of this episode I break down EXACTLY what I did to create a $54,101.05 CASH MONTH. HOLLLLLA! I answer all of your burning q's that you submitted about how I made this my reality and I'm pretty sure what I'm going to share is going to surprise you ;) And I know it's going to rock your socks and help you create your own epic success on YOUR terms! I'll also be sharing the dirty deets of EXACTLY what I sold (how many of each product/program and the prices), as well as the strategies I implemented.

Tune in meowwww and send me a DM over on Instagram to let me know what your fav part was! BONUS POINTS: take a screenshot of the episode, tag me @lexidangelo, and share it on yo story!

Podcast Episode