Discussing Loki Episodes 1-3; His Character, Predictions & More - with Mike, Megan & Tonya Todd

Comics In Motion

Jun 27

1 hr

Mike, Megan & special guest Tonya Todd talk about the first 3 episodes of the Loki series on Disney+ in this special episode! They discuss Loki from the comics, his character from the MCU movies compared to the series, the feel of the show and more! The whole conversation is filled with spoilers, so make sure you watch the first half of the Loki series before listening!

If you want to hear more from Tonya, she has her own podcast; the 52 Love Podcast where she gives couples a relationship tip/task and then discusses it’s impact, she’s also an author, an actor & so much more, listen on YouTube (with video) and Spotify & the usual podcast places (audio-only versions): http://www.mstonyatodd.com/podcast/

Podcast Episode