10 | Ersan Guenes, Founder, CEO, INTRANAV | The Technologies leading Industry 4.0.

The IoT Podcast

Jan 7

13 min 30 sec

In Episode 10 of The IoT Podcast we delve into the realm of Industry 4.0. with Ersan Guenes the Co-Founder and CEO at INTRANAV, a leading location and data service provider that is changing Industry 4.0. and automation in the SMART Factory and Warehouse.

Ersan holds comprehensive system engineering experience under his belt, with high knowledge about RTLS and UWB Technology. In this episode Ersan explores these questions: - Could you explain your background in IoT Sensor Connectivity? - What is INTRANAV’s role in innovating indoor and outdoor location tracking to automate industry 4.0 in factories and warehouses?- Could you explain INTRANAV’s choice to adopt UWB technology and the benefits of this technology in optimising future applications?- What involvement does RTLS play in social distancing monitoring and how this can be implemented into other industries?- What can we expect to see in the future for SMART Factories and Warehouses?Find out the latest innovations in the world of IoT from the Industry and Thought-leaders themselves at https://theiotpodcast.com/

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