Connecting Science & Farming with Dr. Anika Molesworth

By One Point 5 Media Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley

Dr. Anika Molesworth is my guest on this episode of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.  It was the decade-long Millennium drought on Anika's family's farm that spurred her interest in climate change, and to ask "How are we going to feed a rapidly growing global population well, in a climate challenged world?" With a passion for rural communities and healthy ecosystems, she is committed to help create sustainable and vibrant farming landscapes now and for the future. Anika is a recognized thought-leader of agro-ecological systems resilience, she has a Ph.D. in agricultural science, is an engaging communicator, and has a passion for international farming development.  Anika founded Climate Wise Agriculture in 2014 as a knowledge-sharing platform for climate change as it relates to food systems around the world. She also helped established Farmers for Climate Action, which is a national network of over 5,000 Australian farmers tackling climate change.  After being named the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, Anika went on to be awarded the 2017 Young Australian of the Year NSW Finalist, and the 2017 NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability. In 2018 she was awarded the Green Globe Awards Young Sustainability Champion, the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Award for Agricultural Innovation, and the Heroes of a Low-Carbon Economy Youth Champion. In 2019 she was recognized as a Future Shaper by InStyle and Audi, and a Women of Influence by the Australian Financial Review.

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