Your Fears are Stopping You from Life

By Thomas F. Anglero

Just came home from a short walk and I ran into so many people living I fear. Fear of who can this tall dark man be. Fear of what will happen when we share the same sidewalk. Fear that we will share the same park or walkway.Do you live in fear? Do you ever see someone and immediately think the worse without ever having seen that person before?Could that person be the love of your life? Could that person be the person to give you the smile that you have needed all day long? Could that person be an old classmate that you haven't seen in years? Yes, of course, but you will never know because you allowed your fear to stop your life!Stop living in fear and allow other people to love you. Stop living in fear!Subscribe:- iTunes / Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Stitcher: TuneIn: Pandora: iHeart Radio: Listen Notes: Thomas Anglero:-

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