The Found Memories of Joachim Schmid


Nov 2020

27 min 33 sec

Joachim Schmid is a German artist working with found photographs since the early 1980s. His recycling of images was a precursor to the culture of remixing and recycling so central to our post-Internet experience of images. In the early 2000s, Schmid embraced the Internet as a resource for making work and to this day, continues his exploration with a prodigious output of artist's books and exhibitions.

Our first episode narrates Joachim's journey from a young 16-year old misfit discovering the works of Andy Warhol by chance in 1971, to creating his own journal of art criticism before moving from theory to practice in the 1980s. We present five key projects made between 1982 and 2012: Archiv (1986-1999), Bilder von der Strasse / Pictures from the Street (1982-2012), Lost Memories (2010), Other People's Photographs (2008-2011) and Cyberspaces (2004).

Podcast Episode