Respect The Grind With Stefan Aarnio

By FundLoans

On this episode, Jon Maddux speaks with award-winning entrepreneur, Author, and Real Estate Investor—Stefan Aarnio.  The two speak about how Stefan used $1,200 to build a multimillion-dollar portfolio, the #1 rule in negotiations, best practices for successful mortgage brokers, and most importantly, why you need to respect the grind.   * FundLoans is giving away several copies of Stefan’s new book “Hard Times Create Strong Men.” To enter this giveaway, head over to this episode’s video on our FundLoans Youtube Channel and leave a comment. At the end of June, our marketing team will pick the lucky winners.  This episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is brought to you by our new INSIGNIA  product line--Jumbo Mortgages for A-Paper borrowers. Contact us today at for product details. Stefan Aarnio has been celebrated in many ways such as: named him on of the Top 10 Real Estate Influencers To Follow Inducted into the Rich Dad International Hall of Fame Featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, The Winnipeg Free Press, and more CREWM’s Joint Venture Partner of The Year and nominated for Investor of The Year Top-rated and well-reviewed author of 5 books You can purchase his latest book "Hard Times Create Strong Men" here: Transcription: Jon: Welcome to the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience podcast. I'm here with Stefan. How's it going Stefan? Stefan: Very good. How are you? Jon: Doing great. Thanks for joining us today. So, talk to us about your respect the grind. I love that. Stefan: Thanks dude. Yeah, well respect the grind is a saying I've been saying ... I'm a real estate coach and investor and I had a student some years ago and he was saying, "Oh Stefan, this isn't working. I'm making my calls and my offers and I'm just not getting anywhere and I don't think this whole thing works." I said, "Jason, you just got to respect the grind. It's going to take you ten years and ten thousand hours to be a master, and why do you think that you can cut the line and get ahead of everyone who's been working at this for so long?" So it's a saying to respect the process and respect that journey towards mastery. That's what it's really about. Jon: That's great man. Yeah, it's true, and so many people think that things can just fall into their lap. And then just come so easily, when the truth is, it's the overnight success 10 years in the making, kind of thing, right? I mean, it takes a lot of effort, a lot of work to get to success. And then kind of like, I think Gary Vee says, "If you want to be in the 1%, you got to be willing to do 99% more than the rest of the groups." So I agree, the grind is very essential. And you talk about, I think in your book or on your podcast and your sites, that you became a multimillionaire and you started with $1,200. Tell us about how you became a multimillionaire. Was it mostly real estate related? Really what drove that? More on *This podcast is intended to aid mortgage professionals* For more great content, visit our Youtube channel: Follow us on Instagram: @FundLoans  FundLoans NMLS ID:1202262 If you are in the mortgage industry and are interested in learning more about FundLoans' Jumbo and Super Jumbo Non-QM Mortgage Products, contact us at or call 866-234-6981.  Website:

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