S1E9 - Online Identity

By Curiously Strong Pod

From AOL chatrooms to Myspace to Instagram, we have certainly evolved in how we communicate with and to the world. It seems like embarrassing posts and status updates were a part of all our online lives but we were pretty lucky that it all happened when no one was really paying attention and we didn’t have to face the consequences for cringy things we may have said. It was meant to be there and then gone but now we realize that these posts are going to stick around for decades.  The globalization of the world through social media is truly a double edged sword because of all the obvious bad reasons but also the opportunities to learn from others, having your perspectives changed, and meeting people we otherwise wouldn’t have. We discuss how, because of the compulsive need to share, it makes it hard to “be in the moment” without thinking of the different lenses for this situation. Are we just living for the end product? Or is it possible to actually achieve a balance of being present in a moment as well as capturing it for future memories? Our consensus is that it depends on the person but certainly possible. Context matters, so we also talk about how we recognize that we may not be entirely the same person online as we are in “real life”.  We answer the question: Since becoming an exvangelical, how has your online presence changed? It turns out we all have very different answers.

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