My success was Limited by ME

By Bree Stedman and Maz Schirmer

Maggie was no stranger to working with women - as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Canada with a variety of her own Online Mindset Programs, Maggie could see that the regular limiting beliefs her clients were battling were echos of her own limitations. And despite having solid knowledge to draw on, nothing was helping Maggie to smash through her own Glass Ceilings. It was this self-imposed limitation that led Maggie to realise that in order for her to help her clients to FULLY release their own blocks (and therefore change their lives) she had to lead from example by ridding herself of her blocks. Learn more about the Program that supersedes results achieved by other modern modalities in regards to the LONG-TERM, CYCLE-BREAKING outcomes for Women, by booking in a call with me at More information about Creatrix® Transformology® is available at

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