Versus-podcast: Living in a Waste Society


Nov 16

42 min 56 sec

The Waste Society podcast is a roundtable discussion that comments and draws up the discussion in the keynote series Waste Society - Current Issues in Social Scientific Waste Studies. Instead of an online webinar, the research project team gathered a series of inspiring keynotes accompanied by commentaries from the collaborators, all of which are renowned and pioneering waste scholars. Keynote presentations and the commentator speeches are available at the website of the Waste Society research programme.

In light of these keynote presentations, the topics of the podcast include for instance the multiple political realities of waste and the relationship of circular economy, recycling, consumption and wasting. Also, the speakers lighten up discussion on the Anthropocene as an intertwined result of consumption and wasting, which are both built on industrialisation and growth. For the speakers, there is no one definition for waste, but many political realities. Therefore, waste somehow escapes definition, also because when talking about waste considers talking about multiple scales of waste where it does occur.

Podcast Episode