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Futureproofing Now (S #1 Ep. #4) - The Corporate Innovation Playbook

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“The 2019/20 Corporate Innovation Playbook” is one of the most comprehensive studies on the pragmatic aspects of getting innovation planned and done inside companies. A smart group of 12 innovators asked: What are the biggest contributors and barriers to mapping out and implementing innovation inside companies? What are companies doing now?  Why? What is their potential impact on their overall business? What will change? What are their unfair challenges and advantages vs. startups? As a preview to the full study's findings, we thought we would engage with innovators who have been in the corporate trenches, as well as collaborators who helped us pull together the study on key preview thoughts and a glimpse at the early results before July. What you'll learn:  INNOVATION VALUE:  What is the importance of innovation by industry?  By company? How has that changed and been defined differently over the past 3-5 years?        TREND ACTION and PROCESS: How do companies currently track trends? What’s the mechanism for incorporating and acting on trends into your business strategy? APPROACHES: What does innovation look like in companies? What are some of the approaches companies take that are common or unique? and why?  PERFORMANCE: How do companies' rate in building new lines of business or successful internal initiatives today? Which functional area is driving the corporate growth agenda? What are the big contributors and barriers? TECHNOLOGIES: What technologies are helping produce better innovation process? products and services? business models? BUSINESS MODELS: What are the most interesting developments leading companies to capture more business value? Bankable business of the future. CULTURE: How does an organization build an innovation culture? Who gets to lead it and how do you lead it? Is there a perfect structure?         CHANGING LANDSCAPE AND TRENDS: What’s on your radar now that wasn’t on your radar 5 years ago in the area of innovation?  METHODS: What are the most popular innovation schools of thought, tools or activities for innovation?  SIZE DIFFERENCES: What are the handicaps vs. how startups apply innovation? What are some of the corporate unfair advantages vs. startups that should be harnessed?  WHO’S DOING IT RIGHT: Are there brands, companies, organizations, groups that are “doing it right”?  EXTERNAL PARTNERS: How do companies leverage external partners to help with innovation?  PREDICTIONS: What are some safe bets and some outlier best guesses for a more innovative future? 

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