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Ch 1: 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

By Morgahna Godwin

In this episode of the Gratitude Project, I reflect on the recent 10 Day Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat I did in Queensland.  A Vipassana meditation Retreat is where you spend 10 Days in absolute silence, no reading, no writing, no talking, no eye contact and meditating for approximately 10 hours per day. Vipassana retreats are completely non-sectarian - meaning there is no religious component. It draws only on the scientific learnings of Buddism. During the retreat, you are woken up at 4 am every day and meditation is divided into blocks until 9 pm. Breakfast and lunch are included by dinner is fasted.  On this retreat, I went through so many arcs. I went in there expecting one answer and was given another. Here's my experience.  I would be super helpful to me if you could follow the Gratitude Project on Spotify or Apple and share it with those you think might enjoy it. Thank you for your support! Instagram @gratitudeprojectpodcast Instagram @morgahnagodwin Twitter @morgahnagodwin Much love, Morgahna Contact:

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