Overlooked Autoimmunity Can Cause Chronic Illness – What You Can Do

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Feb 2020

56 min 56 sec

There are two types of autoimmunity that may be responsible for patients who (to put it simply) don't respond to any therapies. Anti-phospholipid syndrome and/or autoimmune dysautonomia may be driving this. I talk with Dr. Schofield about some of the symptoms, history and findings that may indicate these conditions. We talk about testing (impart a few cautions with functional medicine tests) and we talk about treatment considerations. Some of these are things that we're familiar with - gluten-free, dairy-free, low histamine, improving one's gut health, mass cell activation syndrome supports, etc. Dr. Schofield is starting to experiment with oral immunoglobulin therapy and also uses intravenous or IVIG as something that can be quite helpful for patients who have otherwise been unresponsive. We dig in pretty deep in this episode so I hope you’ll find it very informative and helpful. https://drruscio.com/?p=56025 My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at https://drruscio.com/getgutbook/ Looking for more? Check out https://drruscio.com/resources

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