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Lvl 13: Procrasti-logging (Top 10 Ways to Create Content for Your Niche Without Even Trying)

By Nate Zerambo

One of the best ways to ignite your own cozy FIRE is to live life as a lazy digital nomad. And all you need to do is browse the Internet and type things on your keyboard. We’re lighting a FIRE the easy way on the ProcrastiN8r Podcast 2 weeks ago (lvl 11. I said 10 but it's 11 and I'm too lazy to re-record the whole thing) we talked about how to FIND your niche. Today we’re looking at.... Top 10 Ways on how to WRITE CONTENT for your niche...with as little effort as possible Without further ado, let’s BURN...right into it You can't just blog to everybody! Blogging to everybody is blogging to nobody. Find. Your. Niche. NEWSJACKING (or as I call it “Procrasi-logging) involves finding a relevant trending topic and repurposing it for your own blog 10. Look at Your Competition AppSumo Look up a topic, then see the top articles related to that keyword View social media share stats for Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit as well as Total Engagement. Evergreen score (how long after it’s published is it still being shared?) Take a look at magazine websites (headlines, images, language/slang used) Subscribe to top content creators in your niche. To find blogs, get an RSS Reader like Feedbin, Feedly, Inoreader, or Flipboard Listen to podcasts. Watch YouTube and Twitch. 9. Read the News Search Google News for a topic related to your niche and look at the top articles. Go to a site like AllTop or Reddit to find topic specific news (niche specific) Look at an article, video, or podcasts as if you’re in the room talking to them in a conversation. What can you add to the conversation? What insight is missing? Can you add a joke or something funny? 8.See What People Are Talking About and How They Are Engaging RedditList Type keyword related to niche, find relevant subreddits You could look at the official Reddit as well to find But Redditlist includes Subscriber rank (compared to other subreddits) and subscriber growth. Reddit list does NOT include all subreddits. Search relevant hashtags on Twitter, groups or Pages on Facebook, Pins on Pinterest, stories and posts on Instagram. See which posts are getting the most engagement and what type of emotional reaction the commenters are having. Write content that purposely sparks that emotion in your language (anger, sadness, joy, laughter, fear, etc.) Look at the comments of what people are saying on reddit, blog posts, and news sites. Pay attention to what’s happening in the conversation. Are there points you agree with and could build upon with your own spin or maybe something you disagree with. 7. Find Out What People Are ASKING About What do people in your niche want to know? What are some common problems or concerns? Attend Livestreams and Webinars. Take notes not only on the content itself but What are people asking? What kind of comments are they saying? Look at FAQs of sites within your niche and build content answering them in your own words. (eg. There might be “How do I get rid of background noise like fans in my audio?” on a software like Audacity or Adobe Audition or “How do I promote my brand on Facebook” on a site related to online marketing or “How do I receive dividends?” on a stock exchange site/app) 6. Always C&P Participate in forums and Reddit discussions yourself. Comment on FB posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos. Answer questions on Quora, ehow, or Yahoo Answers. Amazon and other shopping sites are great if your niche is more product focused; you can look at the reviews and asked questions. Copy and Paste your own comments into a note taking app like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Dropbox Paper, or Google Keep. Tag it with relevant tags and give it a title so you’ll remember the gist of what you’re saying at a glance. Include a link to the comments. Color code it to make it easy to find in the future Remember: it’s important to ALWAYS copy & paste your comment BEFORE you even post it, maybe even create a note first and copy it from there. Because if someone deletes your comment or their post or changes the privacy settings or blocks you (or shuts down the website altogether if it’s a forum/blog), it’s gone FOREVER. You can’t necessarily rely on the Web Keep your own records of the thing you say online related to your niche. You’ll thank me later. 5. Save It For Later Take advantage of Pinterest’s “secret boards” to collect ideas for blogs or craft projects in the future Similarly, you can save links, images, and videos on FB’s Save for Later feature. You can change your privacy settings for a specific post you create so “Only You” can see it then just save it for later. You can Save Reddit posts and comments. Save articles you find on the web & you plan to re-write or read/comment on with the click of a button using a bookmarking app like Evernote Webclipper, Pocket, Pinboard, or Instapaper. You can also just use the built-in bookmarking feature in your browser, since nowadays you can signin to Chrome or FireFox or Edge or whatever and sync your bookmarks and history across multiple devices. 4. Chat it up! In your daily life, you talk to your friends and family about the things you like. Take note of the points made in the conversation or use the recording app on your phone. The note apps (google Keep, etc) also allows to save voice notes. Or heck, record the conversation (with permission, don’t be a creep) on your phone. Start a forum topic and see where the discussion leads. Repurpose it for a blog post. When you reach enough notoriety and level of trust and authority, people will come to you with questions on social media. Actually reach out and talk to people. Hit them up in their DMs. Note the type of questions they’re asking you. And if you’re not established as a source of authority in your niche yet: Find people that are. Interview guests. Record it then transcribe it, using the autotranscibe tool Scribie. All you do is ask questions and they give answers. You don’t even have to know anything. 3. Share It Write a quick blurb about a video or photo or infographic and share it as a post You can even re-word top rated comments already said on other sites. This is one of the laziest ways to create content. Find something already being liked and shared then make a comment similar to one that’s also being liked/upvoted/gilded in your blog post. 2. Rinse & Repeat it Find a way to recycle old content, dig it back up and make it look a bit different by re-wording it. This works well if your in a niche that requires advice. You’ll find yourself repeating the same advice over and over again. But that’s okay, our brains learn from repeated information and stimuli. Use an online thesaurus to get suggestions for alternative words to use in your writing. You can also take a specific quote from an interview and do a deep dive/analysis of it. All that is is rewording what the person said in several different ways. The only thing you are doing is taking previously written or spoken words and rearranging them or replacing them with similar words. You simply express the content using different vocabulary. See what I did there? 1. Go Behind the Scenes Show pictures of your office, recording setup, gear, etc. Show things from your personally life (the game you’re playing, the movie you’re watching, the pizza you’re eating, etc.) You should only do this on occasion. The site is about your niche and not your personal diary. 0. Talk about what you already talked about but do it a bit different Self explanatory. You get the point now. What to Avoid Writing: Verbatim (word for word) Fake News (unless that’s your niche) Sounding boring How to Find Your Niche the Easy Way I said this episode was Lvl 10, but it’s actually Lvl 11 and I’m too lazy to re-record and fix it. Meh whatever. You’ll figure it out. Get Free Images for Your Blog: FreePik NeedPix

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