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127 Ramona Rice | The Accidental Podcaster

By Harry Duran

In just two short years, Ramona Rice has gone from someone who didn’t even know what a podcast was to birthing three different podcasts, changing careers and working for Podcast Websites, and most recently starting a podcast with her mother. Ramona is loved and adored in the podcasting community and after listening to my conversation with her I think you’ll know why. 04:29 - Her Super Powers 07:00 - How she discovered podcasting 07:44 - How the Sports Gal Pal podcast came to existence 10:15 - What she learned from starting the Sports Gal Pal podcast 12:55 - How and why she got into sports 13:12 - Who she originally wanted to target with the Sports Gal Pal podcast 14:17 - One of the most famous people she had on her podcast 15:10 - Reaching out to potential guests via Twitter 16:35 - The reason she thinks she was able to land big guests on her show 20:43 - What she got out of the 2015 NMX conference 27:49 - We Should Not Be Friends podcast and what made her a better podcaster/interviewer 34:47 - Her next podcast project, Spapreneur 35:53 - Podcasting with her mother 40:19 - The Messengers - A Podcast Documentary 41:45 - Why she stopped the Sports Gal Pal podcast 42:54 - What she feels is missing in the podcast industry 44:24 - What she’s learning from improv comedy and how it’s helping her 46:00 - Why she thinks she talks so fast 48:03 - Her first recollection of demanding attention 55:02 - Her kids watching her podcast 59:41 - The one most misunderstood thing about her 01:01:03 - What she’s changed her mind about recently 01:04:11 - Her advice to new podcasters Full Show Notes:

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