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TBP Announcements: Fr8 Network

By Cello, Dee & Corey

Today we talk with Jon Fox and Sloane Brakeville. The Fr8 Network is helping solve the final mile. Using lean startup methods like robust hypothesis testing and establishing clear KPIs, Fr8 Network is testing the protocol using the Ethereum platform for final mile shipments. The Fr8 Network team began by analyzing common final mile data and discovering common requirements for arrival windows, acceptance of delivery requirements, transfer of legal ownership of goods, and payment requirements, etc. The team also tracked regulatory requirements when shipping items such as medicine and perishable goods. This ensured the highest cybersecurity was built into transaction processors. The analysis leads to the first instance of the Fr8 Protocol, specifically defined to service the challenges of the final mile. Once the standards were documented, the Fr8 Coordination Platform was built. The first version of the Fr8 Coordination Platform will consist of the Fr8 Board, the Fr8 Cockpit, the Fr8 Browser Extension, the Fr8 Carrier App, and ancillary services. The applications serve as critical tools to complete a reference use case of helping the final mile trucking delivery challenges. Enjoy! Link:

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